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Spanning over five counties, we have a targeted distribution to selected locations across Calvert, St. Mary's, Charles, lower Prince George's and lower Anne Arundel. Our unique method of distribution supplies many schools with enough copies for students to take home to moms and dads!

Distribution sites include highly visible locations where families frequent: Public and Private Schools, Child Care Centers, Camps, Community Centers, Shopping Centers, Libraries, Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists Offices, Restaurants, Post Offices and a variety of other places!

Why should YOU advertise in Parent Line?

Readership: 89% of our readers are women, affluent, well-educated and managing the lives of entire households- 98% are the primary shoppers for their family.

Longer Shelf Life: Our unique magazine format sets us apart from other local publications. Our easy to handle and store design allows families to retain and refer to our resources and information.

Content: We have been a trusted family resource since 1995. Our content includes informative and helpful articles, tips, guides and directories, local resources and local calendar of events. We also have family-friendly advertisements to help our readers find products and services to enhance their families' lives.

Established Targeted Distribution: For 18 years we have been directly reaching the families of Southern Maryland. Our entire edition is available here on our website, free to readers everywhere. Our advertisers are included in this online publication at no extra charge. Advertising is also available on the main pages of our site as well!

Who Reads Local Parenting Magazines?*
66% Have Income above $50,000/Avg. Income: $75,000

92% Are between the ages of 25 - 54

63% Are college graduates

65% Do not subscribe to the local daily paper

93% Have children living at home

91% Have their children enrolled in after-school activities

98% Are the primary shoppers for their families

95% Are planning at least one vacation this year

69% Are planning some kind of home project this year

Average time spent reading one issue: 34 minutes

85% Say they have read at least 2 of the last 4 issues

100% Say they look at and/or read the advertisements

92% Say they use the advertising to make purchasing decisions

86% Say they save issues for future reference

70% Say other people also look at their copies 

*Statistics courtesy of 2005 National Reader Profile Survey by ReadexResearch.

Please call 410-610-5251 to discuss an individual advertising plan tailored to fit your marketing needs.

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